Here’s a chair that came from a good home, but had suffered a LOT of neglect.
An oldie, mid-century, (original fabric), looks like the wood species is elm. You don’t see a lot of that in the West, but I have seen it often in antique Asian furniture.
First thing, remove the upholstery, a messy and time consuming job. Often times horse hair and cotton batting in the old pieces, and loads of staples and tacks.
Next, to glue and clamp areas of loose fitting – there were three areas, but it did NOT  need a complete knock down of the entire chair.
After that, sand down to bare wood. Stained and finished pieces will often need stripping of some kind, but sanding was all that was required – starting with a 120 grit, and then all over again with a 320. A beautiful grain came out of all that, hidden for 50 years. The after picture will prove it!

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