Here’s a new project I’ve just picked up. This is an older wingback chair that will be upholstered by the fine artisans at Revive Upholstery and Design, 2030 N. Willis Blvd. There’s not a LOT of wood showing, mostly legs and arms, and then the decorative scroll snaking around the edges.

After the old horsehair and springs and upholstery had been removed, it next needed to have the finish stripped. I’ll often do this, but the carving was going to be difficult, so it was brought to a facility, Timby’s Dipstrip, 2435 N. Lombard. They do and did excellent work. This is a great process, and now all that needs to be done is to sand the wood, (the stripping raises the wood grain), and stain it – the clients needing it to be darker. I’ll be using a water-based stain so a water-based clear topcoat will be compatible. An “after” picture will follow up in a couple of weeks.

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